Sofia Mills Wanders Through Feelings Of Love And Love Lost On Debut EP, 'All My Pals'

Sofia Mills is still a few years away from drinking age but her songs sound like a glass of wine after a really, really long day. There’s a beautiful weariness in her voice, a blend of optimism and disenchantment that tug at each other over the course of her new EP, All My Pals. The record begins with “Homebodies,” a campfire ready tune filled with earworm melodies and an acoustic guitar line pining for the moments of summer that seemingly last forever.

Elsewhere on the EP, like on “coffee breath,” which has accrued 5.2 million streams on SoundCloud, Mills carries the tune with a gentle melody that chronicles a day in the life of young love, or, what happens when you’re stuck dealing with someone who talks too much and deals poorly with anger but has perfect eyes and the sweetest scent. Mills effortlessly captures the confusion and joy of young love, the highs, lows, and the moments that seem so intense but wash away like a tide returning to the sea.

Get to know Sofia Mills here.

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