Sofia Mills Offers Deeply Felt Cover Of Modern English' 'I Melt With You'

It takes guts to take an unimpeachably classic song and cover it. It takes even more guts to turn it into your own anthem, upending the original completely. That’s what Sofia Mills has done with her version of “I Melt With You,” the legendary new-wave song from Modern English. Backed by a loosely strummed ukulele and piano, Mills turns the cover into something distinct to her thanks to her haunting voice and a bevy of vocal harmonies that gives the song an entirely new texture.

Her vocal performance is more somber than the original, and throughout the track, she makes intentionally makes the song decidedly less optimistic. She isolates piano notes and drenches them in reverb, and sings “The future’s open bright” like she’s in an abandoned tunnel. The infinite possibilities are as nerve wracking as they are exciting. On “i melt w u!,” Mills gives a masterclass in turning a cover song into something thrilling and unique.

Get to know Sofia Mills here.

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