Sofia Mills All My Friends Cover Art

Sofia Mills' Cuddly Merch Collection Reflects The Joyous Complexity Of Her Music

Sofia Mills’ voice can roar, but fans have come to love those moments of contemplation that assert themselves in moments of quiet. Her voice drops to a hush, and a grand revelation seems to scan across her brain as she sings. There’s a softness and joy in this side of Sofia, which is reflected in her new, cuddly line of illustrated merch available here. Our little friend is named Nancy, and the character comes as a sticker, a glossy sticker, a transparent sticker, or as a magnet. In a way, Nancy is much like Mills’ music, big and bold on the surface but deeper, stronger, and just like us when you get beneath the ear-candy melodies and unforgettable ukulele lines.

Get to know Sofia Mills here.

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