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Sofia Mills Adjusts To Life in the Spotlight on Clubhouse

Sofia Mills considers the people around her more friends than any sort of professional team. That’s, obviously, partly due to the fact that half of the people on stage during Sofia’s Clubhouse session are her friends, but even Steph, who manages Sofia, and John, who produces, are considered part of the immediate inner circle.

“I don’t do things on my own. I require a lot of pushing all the time,” Mills explains regarding her best friend Brooke. “Brooke has encouraged any creative urge I’ve ever had.” That, perhaps, is part of what fuels Mills’ deeply felt, emotionally naked music. She’s surrounded herself with friends and peers who allow Mills to explore every idea―no matter how silly or half-baked―to its fullest potential.

On her latest single, a cover of Modern English’s “I Melt W U!,” she manages to turn the iconic smash into her own song, a unique Sofia Mills production rich with haunted melodies and a contemplative pace.

Her 2020 EP, the aptly titled All My Pals, celebrates the little moments in life, the sort of fleeting feelings that only come when you experience the banality of life with people you love. A casual chat takes on new meaning, a regular lunch becomes a lifelong memory.

On “Homebodies,” she sings, “Forget about the deadlines/I'll pick you up at sunrise We'll sit and watch the day fly by/Pay no attention to the headlines/There ain't no lookin' back when I drive/Ain't no such thing as wasting time.” It’s that last line that’s key to Sofia Mills’ philosophy, the idea that all experiences can be used for good, for the purpose of art and personal growth.

Mills relies on a few key figures to help translate her ideas into the beautiful songs she ends up releasing, like her producer, John, who has allowed the technology-averse Mills to expand her musical scope. “He’s been helping me with the stuff I’m working on now,” Mills explains. “He’s been helping me get to a deeper level with my artistry. Production has always been hard for me, so he’s been able to help me make it happen. I’m learning so much by working with him.”

Mills has worked hard to translate the bedroom vibes of her home recordings onto a larger stage. Part of that has been difficult for her, having intimate moments viewed by millions of people. “I can’t even sing in front of my parents. I have weird stage fright, but it’s mainly with people I know. Having random people from my hometown telling me, ‘I heard your song on TikTok,’ made me so nervous,” Mills says.

“I had to deal with the fact that people knew who I was. Now whenever I put something out, I make sure to polish it and make it as perfect as I possibly can. I don’t want to have any regrets,” Mills explains.

Mills’ team has been that buoy for her success. It’s allowed her to leap headfirst into her success, finding comfort in the fact that her many fans are going to become deeply familiar with her confessional anthems―are going to know her intimately through her songs. It’s a scary fact to face, but with Mills’ one-of-a-kind vision being supported by her crew―her best friends―she’s able to pursue her vision with honesty and vulnerability.

Learn more about Sofia Mills here.

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