Pa Salieu And slowthai Make a UK Powerplay With "Glidin'"

The vision is clear as day. You’re the hottest DJ in town, and the vibes have been great all night. The set has been raucous, but your time is winding down. There’s one song left to play, to end the evening on the highest note imaginable. You cue it up, the crowd goes insane, dancing more wildly than ever before. The song? “Glidin’” by Pa Salieu and slowthai, two of the most exciting MCs in the UK―nay, in the entire world―going.

Perhaps pulling out “Glidin’” is cheating. The rule probably applies to all of Pa Salieu’s music. He blends afro-infused beats with UK drill and grime in an infectious way that blends two ends of opposing spectrums: delightful and capital-h Hard. It’s impossible not to dance along, or, at the very least, make a remarkably dirty thizz face when the beat drops.

At the core of Salieu’s music, though, is an eye for detail that would make your favorite novelist jealous. Listening to him and slowthai go verse for verse is like watching your favorite NBA players go one-on-one at your local park. Even the neon-drenched cover art, shit by Jack Bridgland, who also shot Pa’s photos for his First On SoundCloud page, betrays their playful competitiveness. Both MCs invite you in with their witty wordplay, clever slang, and undeniable ability to absolutely own a beat.

On “Glidin’” both rappers turn in all-time performances and the beat is up to the task to match their energy. The dancehall feel gives the song a tropical edge, which, used as a backdrop for the uniquely British sensibilities of Pa Salieu and slowthai, gives the track a global edge; fit for any DJ set across the globe.

Learn more about Pa Salieu here.

Photo by Jack Bridgland.
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