Otis Kane Loses To Temptation In The Haunting 'Can't Stay Away' Video

With hazy sepia tone frames and quick cuts that reflect the scattered brain of a young man lost in love, the video for Otis Kane’s “Can’t Stay Away” is a pitch perfect match for the song’s solemn vibes. We’ve all been there, trying to be better but drawn back because of weakness, unresolved feelings, or something in the middle.

On the track, Kane channels some serious old school blues vibes, with stomping percussion and crunchy guitar that sounds like it’s in direct conversation with B.B. King. The pitch-perfect imagery gives the video a dream-like quality, and Kane’s love interest follows his psyche like a wraith in the night. If only we all could channel confusion, love, and desperation as eloquently as the L.A. star does.

Get to know Otis Kane here.

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