Lourdiz Bares Her Soul in 'Suicide Down' Acoustic Video

Lourdiz loves to dive deep into her feelings and accentuate them with aesthetics, subtle cues, and melodic phrasings. Her videos highlight this style further, echoing her bold vision with dark, worn colors and starkly decorated sets. In her new acoustic video for “Suicide Down,” Lourdiz sings next to a masked guitarist in an abandoned warehouse space drenched in orange and natural light, highlighted by a glimpse of sun peaking through a window.

Her performance is as staggering as we’ve come to expect from the San Antonio native, bouncing between delicately crooned lines and double-time rap flows. She effortlessly splits the middle, practically creating a new genre in live time. The influence of her Mexican roots are clear, but so are those of her heroes like Lil Wayne. Somewhere between these disparate worlds lies Lourdiz, effortlessly revealing the commonalities between it all.

Get to know Lourdiz here.

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