'Shoot Me Down' Finds Lourdiz Looking For love

Everything about Lourdiz’s latest track, “Shoot Me Down,” is sanded to its finest form. The production is clean and exacting―the low-end wobble of the drums bounce off Lourdiz’s staccato delivery―and the guitar line sounds straight out of the bubbling rap scene in Alabama.

On top of all this is Lourdiz’s voice, at once utterly indescribable and as familiar as your childhood home. Her ability to manipulate her flow from bar to bar highlights her technical precision, while the grace with which she dances around the beat showcases her creativity.

The song shares a title with a highlight from Lil Wayne’s Carter III, and like that track, Lourdiz’s version features contemplative meditations on the addictive effects of the things we depend on.

For Lourdiz, it’s that high she craves comes from love, and on “Shoot Me Down” she taps into her vulnerable side to expose her raw emotions. “When you leave me lonely/I need to do something/Hate sitting around doing nothing/I can’t sit still/Life just gets too real/It gives me chills,” she sings.

It reads simply but in the context of this song these bars hit hard, with Lourdiz lying down on the therapist’s couch figuring out the way she feels in real time. Lourdiz is a poet laureate for the broken hearted, the friend that advises you to take a different way home because you can’t stop driving by your ex’s house to check for any visitors, but can’t heed the advice herself. “So why trip/Drive myself insane every day in my head/Kinda like the games that we play/I can’t quit.”. Wounds heal, life goes on, the cliches and platitudes remain well-worn. But what Lourdiz illustrates so well―so relatably―on “Shoot Me Down” is how all-encompassing heartbreak can be.

Learn more about Lourdiz here.

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