Lourdiz Acoustic Video

Lourdiz Forgets Her Ex In Acoustic Video For "Circles"

Highlighted by rich, nearly-neon shades of blue, Lourdiz has delivered a captivating acoustic video performance of her hit single, “Circles.” Like so many of her songs, the track is taken to soaring heights atop Lourdiz’s shoulder, whose voice goes from cool and reserved to urgent and emotionally charged in a moment’s notice. Backed by a sole acoustic guitar, Lourdiz’s versatile voice―moving between ranges, deliveries, and flows―fills up the space created by the minimal, sparse arrangement. She employs her half-sung rap style to spit, “And it feels like I'm going in circles with you/Trying to say goodbye, it hurts more than a little/Every time you call, you got another bitch with you/Hearts were meant to break, but that's a whole ‘nother issue.” The pain in her voice is palpable in the video, a cathartic exercise in facing your heartbreak head on.

Get to know Lourdiz here.

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