Lourdiz Video Still

Lourdiz Drops Haunted BTS Stills From Her Magnetic "Shoot Me Down" Video

Lourdiz has shared a number of BTS photos from her haunting “Shoot Me Down” video. The images―shot on both Polaroid and film―showcase the stark warehouse Lourdiz pegged for the ethereal, magnetic video. In one photo, she’s analyzing the various details of a prop skull, the sort of minutiae that can be overlooked but can be the difference between middling videos and excellent ones. In another image, she has her face covered while sitting atop a fold-out bed. The toilet next to her is stained, located beneath a barred window. The eerie, claustraphobic vibes are heavy and impenetrable, which help accompany the song’s deeply emotive lyrics of being trapped in love, paralyzed by the inability to move on.
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