Lourdiz Talks Quinceañera Culture and Lil Wayne on Clubhouse

Sometimes it’s the obvious goals that are the hardest to achieve. For Lourdiz, the objective is simple. “I’m just out here trying to be great,” she explained during her First on SoundCloud Clubhouse Session. The 20-year-old artist from Texas has enough laurels to rest on. She’s a SoundCloud sensation, a new kind of artist breaking down barriers wherever she encounters them. But it’s always the most successful, talented artists who have the most relentless hustle. Lourdiz is a bonafide star, but the work is just beginning.

The―in her own words―”motherfuckin’ Aries” is part of a thrilling new generation that has blurred the line between genres to create something entirely new. Part of this has to be credited to the social and creative melting pot in her hometown of San Antonio. “I grew up listening to Shakira, but I was also obsessed with T-Pain,” she said during her Clubhouse chat. “I learned how to sing from artists like Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera”. She blended these pop sensibilities inherited by the artists mentioned with an intuitive grasp for the machinations of hip-hop―the rhyme schemes, the melodies, the beats, the aesthetics. “Lil Wayne was my fucking everything. I love Lil Wayne so much. He made me want to really experiment with rap.”

She also credits the San Antonio community with the Latinx sounds that appear in her music. “You hear music everywhere, and at that age, it all sticks. The fuckin’ Quinceañeras,” she exclaimed with a laugh. It’s this close-knit, familial feel she grew up with that has both permeated her extremely tight collaborative team and the music she makes. “From the food to the way we get together at parties, to the way we respect each other and talk to each other, growing up [Mexican] teaches you how to care about others.”

It’s this relationship with others that has helped spark Lourdiz’s career. She is a formalist in the sense that she learned to write songs by copying the moves of her favorite singers and rappers. Once she mastered this art of imitation, she had the tools to twist it and manipulate it towards something truer to her own experience. It’s why Lourdiz’s music is both wholly unique and intensely relatable. You can hear her being in every word she sings. It’s a powerful, rare thing in music, and one that has been cultivated by her go-to producers like Supaaine.

“The most important thing is that it has to be true to Lourdiz. It’s not my name on the record, it’s not my name on the artwork,” Supakaine explained to SoundCloud. It’s this give and take that has skyrocketed Lourdiz to thrilling heights. Her trusted collaborators give input, but let the young singer create the sound with her unique, confident, and always-growing perspective.

Learn more about Lourdiz here.

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