Lourdiz Celebrates Her New Single With A Living Piece of Art

Lourdiz has celebrated her newest single, the romantic and longing “Get Along (Feat. Shenseea),” with a number of billboards and murals across North America. On the track, she sings, “Why can’t we / Get along, get along, get along,” with her signature blend of rap chops and melodic intuition. It’s another hit from the rising young songwriter in the pop game, and to celebrate the track, she linked up with local mural artist Ms. Yellow to help spread the word on the hit single.

“The inspiration for ‘Get Along’ was definitely about a relationship. I feel like the concept of the chorus I wanted to feel very general as well, so I had to walk that line,” she explained to First on SoundCloud “It is a universal concept, but I wanted to show different sides to it. I wanted to fit those two ideas into one.” Lourdiz recruited Shenseea, a Jamaican dancehall star who was a First on SoundCloud honoree in 2019, to help round the track out. It’s a delightful blend of Lourdiz’s Latin culture and the one-of-a-kind riddims that were born in Kingston.

“A simple drum sound or guitar melody will literally take me back to being a child or give me a feeling of those days. Music is a vibration, so every lyric I write is in my blood. It all comes back to being a strong Latin woman,” Lourdiz explains.

The singer-songwriter’s desire to celebrate the song with a billboard campaign and one-of-a-kind mural came from a place of pure collaboration. Lourdiz is always looking for other artists to work with, and for this campaign, she thought it would be fun to give an artist a chance to interpret her song outside of the music.

“I wanted to collaborate with another female artist. I wanted to bring out the concept of the song, but I wanted to have it in a place where people could walk by and see a young girl, and be inspired by it,” Lourdiz says. “I wanted to collaborate with someone outside of one of my songs. It was important for me to have it somewhere out in the world.”

The billboards are in LA, Toronto, and Atlanta. They feature the album artwork and the chorus phrase, “Why can’t we get along?" The towering posters glimmer with a sparkling font and the glowing orange of a breathtaking moon. The mural features the lyric and a depiction of Lourdiz, with her words coiling around her like a bad memory she can’t escape. Ms Yellow’s interpretation of Lourdiz in the mural blends both of their artistic and cultural influences, showing an animated side of the young star.

“It was awesome getting an artist from the same culture,” Lourdiz explained, regarding her decision to work with Ms Yellow. “The colors that she chose remind me of the colors I saw growing up. I let her pick every color, and let her show her vision. I really loved every bit of it. I wanted it to come from Ms Yellow. I wanted it to be a reflection of how the song made her feel.”

In that sense, the mural is a true collaboration, and an experience from Lourdiz and First on SoundCloud she’s still not over. “When I first saw the mural, my heart...It’s my first mural! It’s crazy to see my face on a wall,” she explained with a giggle and a hint of bewilderment that her face had been turned into a piece of art. “To have someone take their time in drawing this, in doing it with me, is definitely a memory I’ll always remember. I’m glad it was with a fellow Latina girl. I’m just so excited for people to see it.”

Lourdiz and SoundCloud are eager for fans and art enthusiasts to stop by the mural and billboards and post photos to social media with the hashtag #FOSC21 and @lourdiz and @shenseea. It’s a memory Lourdiz will have forever, and hopefully one you can have too.


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