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Kid Quill Shares His Secret to Success on Clubhouse - Keep Your Family Close

Kid Quill, quite literally, keeps things in the family. There’s his creative director, BJ, who has been with Quill for seven years, and Kevin, his producer, who’s a little newer to the crew, but the heart and soul of the crew is Doug. Doug refers to Quill by his birth name, Mitchell, and he’s seen Quill grow from an aspiring MC in Shelbyville, Indiana outside of Indianapolis to one of the most exciting rappers in a vibrant Midwest community. He was Quill’s booking agent until 2018 and his first roadie, too. He also happens to be Kid Quill’s father. Daddy Quill.

One thing that has been revealed throughout every SoundCloud Clubhouse Session is how integral a solid team is to having a successful career in this difficult industry. For Quill, having a dad that not only believed in his vision, but actively supported it, was crucial. When he played an 800 person show in Indianapolis in 2019, his whole family showed up. It was a coronation moment for an artist that relied on the support of his family to keep the grind going and turn that hustle into a sustainable career. Quill still points to that show as a turning point of sorts.

“Fall of 2019 we were on my first headline run. We did an 800 person venue in Indianapolis. That felt like we graduated,” Quill explains. “It was one of the biggest moments of my career. That was the moment for me when all the late nights in the car started to feel a little more worth it.” The moment wasn’t lost on his family, either. The whole squad showed up, including his grandma, rocking Quill merch.

Despite the rousing success of that tour, and more recent accomplishments like a Lollaplooza set, Quill remains hungry though; he’s relentless in his pursuit of excellence. “I still have a chip on my shoulder. I still have a lot to prove. I’m still hunting for that ‘truly made it’ moment. I’m looking for it and I’m hungry.”

That grind manifests itself in his work with Kevin, his producer, who functions as an appendage of Quill more than a distant collaborator. “Everything with us is conceptual,” Kevin explains. “It’s different depending on the day and how we’re feeling. Some days I come in and I have an idea, and some days, he’ll come with bars and we’ll get going.” There’s a looseness to their collaborative process that has informed the playful, one-liner heavy approach to Quill’s music.

Quill still has a uniquely DIY approach to his music, which is all the more impressive considering how polished and precise the combination of beats and rhymes is. Says BJ, Quill’s creative director and the man behind his thrilling videos, “I’ve worked with Quill for 7 years, we’ve toured around the country over and over again. One of the first things we realized is that whatever needs to be done, in any circumstance, we just figure it out.” That’s a good rule of thumb for any musician, of any age. Any roadblock is an opportunity for creative decision making and fruitful collaboration. For Kid Quill, it’s the name of the game. Though he’s still itching for even greater success, he sums it up succinctly during the end of the Clubhouse Session: “I’m blessed.”

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