Kid Quill Vintage Merch Photo

Kid Quill Brings Vintage Style To The 21st Century With New Merch Drop

Look, we all know Mackelmore was waxing poetically on the virtues of buying sick clothes on the cheap way back when, but real ones know thrift jawns never went out of style. Case in point, Kid Quill has been living the old school life as an artist since he began dropping tapes in the first half of this decade. Any rap fan worth one’s salt knows that hip-hop and fashion have been inextricably linked since day one, so it makes sense that Quill’s latest line of merch would reflect his love for the Golden Age of rap. The vintage tee, available to view here, is faded like your dad’s favorite shirt and shows off a logo for 94.3 “The Reel.” Radio stations―remember them?

Get to know Kid Quill here.

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