SoFaygo Fights Off Mutant Spiders In “Let’s Lose Our Minds” Video

When SoFaygo tells you he wants you to lose your mind, he really means it. In the cinematic visual for his hit single, “Let’s Lose Our Mind,” he goes head-to-head against extra terrestrial eight-legged creeps, finds himself locked in a cell, and eventually finds himself outfitted in a spacesuit, running across a field that is very much on fire. SoFaygo is Atlanta’s most recent alien, following in the footsteps of legends like OutKast and Young Thug. It only makes sense that he’d create and co-direct a video that functions like an origin story, with Faygo and his pink dreads going David vs. Goliath against otherworldly threats. I’d put my money on Faygo, though, no matter the odds.

Get to know SoFaygo here.

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