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SoFaygo Talks Early Rhymes and Trusting His Team On Clubhouse

Maybe it’s something in the water in Atlanta. From Young Thug and Future to the next crop of stars like Lil Baby and Playboi Carti, MCs from the ATL just make hooks that last forever. The 19-year-old SoFaygo fits firmly into this territory, the newest star in the city drenching his vocals and woozy autotune into choruses that sound equally as good on a late night at the club as they do early in the morning on the way to get milk from the store.

As Faygo told it during his First on SoundCloud Clubhouse Session, this music shit took him by surprise. “I was just a regular kid, going to school. I didn’t get serious about music until 9th grade,” he explained. Once the interest was piqued, though, SoFaygo knew he wanted to spend his life in music. He found a rich, inspiring underground rap scene in Atlanta and quickly began recruiting collaborators to work with and mentors who could advise him.

In 2019, it became clear that there was no looking back. His mixtape War was a SoundCloud sensation, the sort of record that invigorates devotees of the app and gets A&Rs across the world sniffing for the next superstar. It’s easy to see why he was such a hit. “Elimination” finds Faygo dancing over a distorted, trap-inspired beat, while he moves from a rapid-fire delivery to a melodically rich, sing-song flow. On “Clutch,” the project’s breakthrough track, Faygo unleashes bar after bar with each catchier than the last. The bass pummels the low-end, but Faygo’s high-pitched drawl has enough room to throw left hooks and uppercuts. It’s a thrilling debut, and confirms what his diehards knew from day one: SoFaygo was poised to be the next generational MC out of Atlanta.

Faygo, thrilled by his success but equal parts humble and loyal, credited his small team during the Clubhouse conversation. They’ve helped him keep a tantalizing career from falling into the business pitfalls that plague too many artists. SoFaygo’s go-to producer, Backwoods, was eager to meet the young MC before they started forging their now-unbreakable bond. “I was working with other artists from Atlanta, specifically a dude named Brizo, and he was friends with Faygo,” Backwoods explained during the Clubhouse Session. “He was like, ‘Bro, just wait. Just wait for the right time.’ One day I just pulled up to the studio and I met his whole team...He asked for beats, and we started working.”

It’s a serendipitous connection, but one that Faygo has relied on his team to forge throughout his career. Managers Lamaar Jaswal and Barry Hefner are relentless in their pursuit of perfect collaborators for the Faygo sound. But at the heart of the operation is the unassuming kid from Atlanta, who becomes a high-voltage megastar every time he hops into the booth. He’s a melodic wunderkind and a lyrical assassin, the sort of contradiction that would disintegrate like sand in lesser hands but makes SoFaygo one of the most exciting rappers Atlanta’s seen in years.

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