SoFaygo's First Ever Live Show Was One for the Books

At Sofaygo’s first show, fans were lined up around the block hours before the doors were even set to open. The excited audience got a glimpse of the young artist as he pulled up for soundcheck, and immediately went from being antsy to ecstatic. “Faygo! Faygo!” chants lit up the neighborhood. SoFaygo possessed all htatt energy and more going into his live debut in ATL this July. Now that’s some rockstar level shit. Faygo was able to secure the show, in part, due to his association with the First on SoundCloud series. The line for the SoundCloud-sponsored event wrapped around an Atlanta city block, and when Faygo finally stepped on stage, it was entirely clear what all the damn hype was about.

It didn’t take Faygo long to blow up within the Atlanta rap hierarchy, and his rapid rise over the past year has extended far beyond his hometown. Though he’s been thrust into the spotlight as an entertainer, it’s still the moments of calm and quiet that he feels most himself. “I’m not really a talker. I have a very bubbly personality, but I don’t say much. I like to have peace,” Faygo explains.

So Faygo’s personality emerges in his music and the moment he takes the stage. He lets his electricity run through his songs, not his words. It was apparent throughout the show, as fans clung to every word like the gospel, but Faygo knew the show was gonna be a hit. It wasn’t cockiness, but he had been working too hard for it to go any way but great. “It’s gonna be lit, I know it,” explained Faygo before the show. “My fans have been so hardcore, I’m excited to see it. They’re gonna get lit.” The crowd was itching for a show after a year of cancellations, shattered tours, and an inability to socialize. When he hit the stage, Faygo’s prophecy came true.

The show was buoyed by an excellent cast of supporting performers, all of whom offered thrilling sets that the audience went wild over. Metro Marrs, YellaBandanna, and Sportvvs all brought their own energy to the stage. Further amping up the already-excited crowd.

Faygo, sporting now-signature pink dreads, traces his lineage as a rapper to artists like Young Thug. It’s easy to spot Thugger’s influence both in Faygo’s music and in his bold and energetic stage presence. He walks to the beat of his own drum, a groove which happens to be strange and brilliant and innovative just like his spiritual mentor Jeffery.

Part of Faygo’s ability to pursue his one-of-a-kind vision has been solidified by his team, specifically Barry Hefner and Lamaar Jaswal, who first met Faygo when he was a student at the Fashion Institute in New York. Lamaar is Faygo’s age, a young gun learning on the fly alongside his main man. Barry is the glue, founder of Since the 80s and a veteran in the game who has been offering advice to Faygo as he navigates a complicated industry that can be hard on young stars. Barry occupies the older brother/father figure role for Faygo, linking him with the rest of his clients, specifically JID and EarthGang.

“I need to be careful in the industry. It can be a dirty game. There’s a lot of pressure,” Faygo explains. “But I try to always remember who I am as a person and stay grounded. I don’t want to lose myself in this shit.”

“Everything about him makes him a superstar, to be honest. The way he interacts with people, the way he learns and then speaks...he’s a listener,” explains Lamaar.

“I like his poise, his ability to be in his own space and comfort zone,” explains Hefner. “He don’t need a lot of people around him. He just does him, at his own speed and in his own way.” Faygo is on a fast track to success―his first ever show caused a fuckin’ ruckus, but with a team solid to keep him straight, there’s nowhere but up.

“You see a lot of kids that get into these moments, and they rush to be in the mix. He’s in his own space and he’s cool with that. To me, that’s more unique. He has a vision of what he wants to do. He carries himself and honors his vision,” Hefner notes.

One thing that Faygo, Hefner, and Lamaar all agreed on before the MC’s breakthrough night is that the evening ahead would be one for the books. When asked how to prepare for the night, Barry’s answer was simple: “We don’t,” he said with a laugh. In Faygo’s world, you set the vision and see what comes naturally— all decisions exist within that universe. “Sometimes I’ll make a song in my head and then I’ll tell my producer what it sounds like. If the 808s and bass don’t hit, it’s just gonna throw me off. Everything has to be sonically perfect,” explains Faygo.

Rarely do artists so young have such a precise understanding of what they do well; and it’s even more rare for them to find a team that’s dogged in pursuing the ideal of that standard. SoFaygo and his squad have situated themselves for short term accomplishments and longevity all at once. Faygo closed out his set with “TK song,” thanking his fans with graciousness and a wry smile as if the success of the night hit him all at once. If concert no.1 is any indication, it’s bound to be an unpredictable, uproarious, wildly successful ride.

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