Charmaine Hero

Charmaine Reps Her Squad and Her Hood on Clubhouse

Charmaine’s crew runs deep. There’s the superstar at the center―the polymath rapper, singer, and artist―and she keeps her loyal team close at all times. There’s LJ, Charmaine’s go-to for creative direction; Rhonda is a part of the glam squad as Charmaine’s nail technician; Spencer is lead photographer and director; David is a Toronto-based music producer and writer; Runway is another songwriter; Zay is Charmaine’s key makeup artist; Judy is the hair stylist; Brama is a producer and engineer; and Lex is the style extraordinaire. When you take a look at Charmaine’s aesthetic, like the “DOUBLE DUTCH” video for instance, it becomes instantly clear that everyone surrounding the talented MC is extraordinarily talented at their jobs. Charmaine’s vision is pitch perfect, mostly because of her one-of-a-kind vision, but also because she knows all great artists surround themselves with great teams.

“My career started back in 2012...My father lost his job so we ended up living in a motel. I wanted to do something that was going to take my family out of that situation. I went online, looking for talent shows, so I could start building myself up. I sent in my audition tape for a talent showcase where the head of A&R for Warner Canada would be attending,” Charmaine explains. “I went there, I sang, and I got a really amazing response from the crowd. The organizer came up to me and said, ‘There’s somebody here who wants to meet you.’ It turned out to be my current A&R Ron, we hit it off immediately.”

The talent has been there since day one for Charmaine, and this story helps illustrate her willingness to go above and beyond to succeed. The ambition is undeniable, which is apparent on full projects like HOOD AVANT-GARDE and epic videos like the aforementioned “DOUBLE DUTCH.”

“When the team was talking about the idea for the ‘DOUBLE DUTCH’ video, I started having visions,” explains Lex. “I love working with Charmaine because she lets me create. We designed some custom pieces for the looks and it turned out great. Everything she wore was all custom.”

“It takes a village” is a cliche because it’s true, and no artist and her team illustrates this notion more effectively than Charmaine and her squad. Every contributor has a key role, and everyone is encouraged to find their own voice in an effort to further the diamond-sharp style Charmaine has crafted during her career as an artist. With major label backing and a team that has her back 100% of the time, Charmaine has set herself up in a situation to succeed for as long as music remains her passion.

Odds are that with her grit and determination Charmaine would have become a star anyways, but her ability to convince everyone around her of a particular artistic vision has helped fastrack her success and launch her into superstardom. The gears are beginning to churn, and Charmaine’s squad is chomping at the bit, firing on all cylinders. Charmaine’s time has come, though she’s been ready for this moment since those dark days in a motel, performing to get her family out of shelter life for good.

Learn more about Charmaine here.

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