You Heard About that New HOOD AVANT-GARDE?!

It’s in all caps for a reason. Charmaine is coming for that loud on her new EP, HOOD AVANT-GARDE. The latest tape from the Zimbabwe-born, Nashville-bred MC is brash and bold, the sort of project that is at once an announcement of a new star and an instant hit. Like the title suggests, Charmaine feels comfortable existing in many worlds at once. She can dive headfirst into mainstream, radio-ready rap in one moment, before infusing that same style with deliriously weird and exciting sonic tones.

Versatility becomes indecision and lack of clarity in less skilled hands. Luckily, Charmaine is as solid as they come, and her willingness to bend the borders of rap yields triumphant results.

Listen to the full EP here.

Get to know Charmaine here.

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