Charmaine Lets Viewers Into Her Life Of Luxury During "DOUBLE DUTCH" BTS Video

Charmaine is poised for rap royalty. Songs like the utterly infectious “DOUBLE DUTCH,” from her new EP, HOOD AVANT GARDE, introduce an artist with a one-track mind for domination. The Zimbabwe born, Toronto-based MC knows just how good she is, and she spells it out on “DOUBLE DUTCH”: “When I say jump all you bitches fall back.” She’s aggressive but playful. She’ll punch you in the face then offer you a band-aid, marveling at how completely she kicked your ass.

In this behind the scenes exclusive premiering here at First On SoundCloud, Charmaine is gearing up for something special. Set in a massive banquet hall with polished silver, Charmaine is decked out in an ornate blue dress and all the accoutrement fitting for a queen. The choreography highlights her aggressive delivery, swaggering with the power of your neighborhood’s best break dancer.

During the BTS clip, Charmaine vouches for the duo who perform the double dutch dance. In between moments of capturing the magic on her phone, Charmaine addresses the camera and says, “You guys need to get on game. These two just killed it! Y’all gonna hear about them, trust me.”

With the crew masked up due to COVID protocols, the BTS footage is a reminder of the time during which Charmaine’s ascent officially began. Luckily, the extravagant, playful video takes the viewer to a different world entirely, one in which the hood is populated by avant-garde divas who blend technically precise flows with infectious personalities. At the end of the BTS video, director Spencer Edwards addresses the camera and says, “Every single time we come on make it happen. We strive for greatness. We strive to be undeniable. Every single time, baby.” Charmaine’s done undeniable. She’s checked off that box. Up next is the crown.

Get to know Charmaine here.

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