Charmaine Shows Off That Bad Bitch Mentality At Her Very Own Nail Pop-Up

On Charmaine’s latest song, “Bad Bitch Mentality,” she puts it straight and simple: “Bad bitch mentality/Oh I’m feeling proud of me/Bad bitch mentality/Watch and try to flatter me.” It’s less of a saying than a way of life. During Charmaine’s First on SoundCloud pop-up nail party and video premiere at Naked Beauty Bar in Toronto, she expanded upon her philosophy. “The bad bitch mentality means that you’re a go-getter. You’re unapologetically yourself and you don’t care what anybody has to say to you about anything,” she explains. “You’re about your money. I’m a mother, so it’s all about my kid and enjoying life. I’m peaceful and content with myself.”

If you've listened to Charmaine's music, or had a chance to experience her energy firsthand at the event, you know it's near impossible to not believe everything she preaches about self love, and, well, being a bad bitch. “There’s one simple rule: Fuck it,” said Charmaine with a chuckle. "If it doesn’t make you happy, if it doesn’t bring you peace or security, fuck it. Let it go, let it fly. When you do that, you begin to attract things that make you happier.”*

But, it’s hard to bring positivity to your life unless you work for it. Manifest all you want, but you need to put in the subsequent effort, too. When Charmaine was interviewed for First on SoundCloud at the start of the year, she explained where this hustle came from: “My career started back in 2012...My father lost his job so we ended up living in a motel. I wanted to do something that was going to take my family out of that situation. I went online, looking for talent shows, so I could start building myself up. I sent in my audition tape for a talent showcase where the head of A&R for Warner Canada would be attending,” Charmaine explains.

“I went there, I sang, and I got a really amazing response from the crowd. The organizer came up to me and said, ‘There’s somebody here who wants to meet you.’ It turned out to be my current A&R Ron, we hit it off immediately.”

The glow up arrived in a serious way on Tuesday night. The nail-focused event was brought to life by Charmaine’s personal nail designer, Ronda, who treated fans to a night of custom looks featuring spray painted hearts and glittery Charmaine charms.

If anyone thought Charmaine would be slowing down after the release of HOOD AVANT-GARDE, “Bad Bitch Mentality” and its accompanying video is a loud statement to the contrary. For Charmaine, hosting a nail pop-up to support the single was an obvious choice. There’s an inherent link in her life between being a bad bitch and rocking a killer set of nails. The obsession started during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when she found herself stuck at home, and in need of a little excitement. “I’m absolutely in love with nails. During the pandemic, I knew I couldn’t get my nails done, so I taught myself and it’s been an obsession since. I made a point with my music that my nails are always the accent point of whatever I’m doing.”

In the “Bad Bitch Mentality” video, nails play a big role, as Charmaine rocks a set featuring her name. Charmaine learned early on that sloppy nails wouldn’t fly, so the art has become a center of her musical universe. “I met Ronda on the set of ‘WOO,' she explains. “The nails I had were falling apart, I was missing like three of them. They were really basic, and I don’t do basic. My makeup artist, Zay, called Ronda, and within an hour she was dropping off everything I wanted.”

The duo had an instant connection, based on each of their love of all things just a little bit weird. “I always have avant-garde in mind,” Ronda explained to SoundCloud. “It’s a free-reign situation. I come up with a look, I run it by her, and it generally works well.”

The rest is history, with the two working closely together to create Charmaine’s ever-evolving look. A process that also gives her an instant boost of confidence. “When I first get my nails on, I go into automatic bad bitch mode. When I don’t have them on, I feel like I should put my hands in my pocke—like I shouldn’t even be outside. The attitude is amplified, and the energy gets bigger and bigger.”

The video is built from this same self-confidence, which, as Charmaine has said, is what the bad bitch mentality is all about. She wanted to showcase a new side of her art, one more focused on her personality and the friends that help her rise to the top. “The ‘Bad Bitch Mentality’ video is different from anything else I’ve done. I wanted to show people something a little bit different. I wanted the attention to be on me and my girls, executing our dance moves, and getting real raw with it. I wanted it to be like Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes.”

Charmaine’s self-confidence has come from a career of hustling and pushing the envelope, but she’s also quick to celebrate the people around her, such as her day-ones in the "Bad Bitch Mentality" video. Charmaine has earned everything she's ever gotten in the rap game, which allows her to be so humble with her successes.

“Being part of the First on SoundCloud campaign has been an amazing blessing for me. I didn’t expect it, I’m a new artist,” she says. “The fact that I’m able to be part of a huge program that wants to support artists, is just so dope.”

Get to know Charmaine here.

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