Welcome to Payday's House of P.U.K.E

Payday has dropped the evocatively titled House Of Puke: The Complete Collection compilation album, featuring previously released tracks from all three volumes of her popular P.U.K.E. Tapes (Payday’s Unbelievably Killer EP) series of EPs, plus three previously unreleased new tracks.

Like all of Payday’s sly, subtly brilliant titles, House Of Puke, which is, for the record, Unbelievably Killer, is a wink to the post-irony era of the internet, but her vulnerability and bravery on the record cuts through any perceived sardonic slights. For fans who have been following Payday since day one, this collection is an essential gathering place for her sprawling body of work. For new fans, well...They’ll be old fans soon. After all, who doesn’t like music that’s Unbelievably Killer?

Listen to the full compilation here.

Get to know Payday here.

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