Payday Proves Her Freestyles Are Better Than Your Written Bars With “Big Bang"

Is it possible to hear someone smile? To listen to vocals so energetic and plain old happy that you can hear the lips parting and teeth flashing from ear to ear? If it were ever possible, “Big Bang” is a more than worthy candidate. The track, Payday’s most recent SoundCloud exclusive, is a celebration without ever being saccharine, a jam that is the platonic argument for why music is the ultimate mood booster.

Patient keyboard chords are accented by firework sound effects and a gently plucked guitar. The song lulls to start, like a train gearing up for a cross country haul, before Payday comes in with the energy of a freshly charged electron. “It’s a big, big bang! Watch me do my thang! Fuckin’ up the whole game! Fuckin’ up the…” So nice she almost said it twice.

It’s a track about the way patience and excitement claw and poke at each other to form an infectious energy that radiates every which way. “Big Bang” spreads this vibe, a combination of party-ready hip-hop, indie pop, and something indescribable that’s become a calling card for Payday.

“The song is about the moment that you pop, the big bang moment. I'm just waiting for my big bang moment,” she explains, before pausing to reconsider: “Well, I guess I’m not waiting. We're working towards it.”

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