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Payday Talks Success and Being as Big as the Big Bang on Clubhouse

Payday takes hip-hop and spins it into whatever she wants. The polymath wasn’t even born when OutKast was dropping lyrical bombs on the South in the mid-1990s, but that renegade spirit, alongside the joy of Lil Uzi Vert, and the self-starter mentality of Tyler, The Creator have helped shape her post-rap sound and anything-goes attitude. Her SoundCloud handle ― ”everyonelovespayday23” ― was obviously created in jest, but we think the young genre-bending star is onto something. In each of her songs, there’s something for everyone. Whether it be a lyric, a quirky chord, or an unexpected twist, Payday takes the unexpected and reveals how relatable it can be.

Part of this, sure, is due to the fact that Payday―real name Payton―was born during the era in which every style, subgenre, and rarity ever released was available at the snap of a finger. But even still, there’s something about Payday that’s different. She has turned this treasure trove into one of the most endearing, unique flows in the game. She raps with bravado without ever being cocky, clearly having an absolute blast spitting rhymes for the joy of a perfect phrase.

During her First on SoundCloud Clubhouse Session, Payday shed light on the many influences and experiences that got her here. She spent her childhood between Louisiana, Texas, California, and Washington, a multi-faceted upbringing that influenced her sound. “When you’re growing up in a certain place, you're pretty much only gonna hear rap shit,” she explained. “When you go somewhere else, you’re exposed to different shit,” she adds.

Payday’s music, which moves from style to style at a moment’s notice, is still remarkably cohesive. This trait is obviously due to her one-of-a-kind POV and vision, but she also credits her collaborators, like Peter Lalich, aka Papi, a songwriter and producer who she first met on SoundCloud. “The algorithm brought me to ‘Super Thicc,’ which I thought was super fire. Then I saw the video which I thought was really, really fire,” he recalled during the Clubhouse Session. They hit it off immediately, and began working together. Payday’s ability to trust outside influences with her precise, unique ideas has allowed her to work with some of the industry’s most exciting talent, including fellow artists like ILoveMakonnen. Her willingness to learn, in the spirit of making great, joyful art has made her not only an artist fans love but one that other musicians want to work with.

And perhaps that’s what makes Payday stand out from any imitators. Her blend of genres, styles, and regional calling cards is one-of-a-kind, but her passion, enthusiasm, and infectious joy makes her a beacon of light in an industry bogged down by cynicism and a dogged pursuit for the next big thing. Though just beginning, Payday has already had her big bang moment. She’s here. With that being said, something tells us she’s fixing to rig something up even bigger, louder, and brighter than ever before.

Learn more about Payday here.

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