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Flipping flows like a switchblade with multi-syllabic mastery as sticky as pink Hubba Bubba, PAYDAY exudes the verbal reverence of Golden Age hip-hop spun around a merry-go-round of anything-goes animated internet insanity. (To put it simply, she sounds like Slick Rick if he grew up on Tik Tok, slasher flicks, and Adult Swim).

She initially discovered hip-hop through hearing Kanye West, OutKast, and Eminem on mom’s Now That’s What I Call Music! compilations. Eventually, she moved on to the likes of “favorite” Lil Uzi Vert and Tyler, The Creator. Much like an old school battle rapper, a spirit of competition inspired her to pick up a $7 microphone from Walmart, download free software on her laptop, and upload early compositions to Soundcloud.

“People in my town were making trash music, so I was like, ‘If they’re out here doing it, I can too’,” she recalls. “I’d play my unreleased mixtapes on the bus, and finally, kids would be like, ‘Wait, turn it up. This is fire’.”

She casually upends and overturns every stereotype in her way.

“I’m just myself,” she states. “A lot of times, I’ll get comments like, ‘You’re pretty dope for a female rapper’ or ‘This is the only female rapper I’ve heard’. Bro, I don’t want to be your favorite female rapper; I want to be your favorite rapper.”

First ‘Oh Shit’ Moment


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