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Ela Minus Put Herself First To Become A Star

It took Ela Minus years of experimental failures to arrive where she is now, she revealed during her First on SoundCloud Clubhouse Session. That place, of course, is at the top of the electronic scene, a delightfully innovative producer hellbent on reshaping the genre in her image.

But before she was able to make albums like the thrilling acts of rebellion, she had to figure out the things she didn’t want to do and the styles she didn’t want to pursue. Ela has been able to hone in on her sound, both because of her fiercely independent vision, and the team she has surrounded herself with.

Joining her for the conversation was Harrison, who is on the digital sales side of Domino Records, Carlos, who runs A&R on the publishing and record side for Domino, Ryan, who operates a creative studio out of Manchester, Felipe, Ela’s manager, and Susan, the director of A&R at Domino. Minus has finally reached creative bliss, thanks in part to a team that supports and goes to bat for her decisions. But it wasn’t always that easy for the Colombian-born artist.

“My friends growing up were very into Blink-182, Sum 41, and bands like that. We started a band, and somehow got immersed in the emo scene. From there, we just naturally progressed to hardcore and punk, all within the DIY scene of Bogotá.” But things quickly went south while she was in high school. Her first band fell apart, and she never found another group that was as interested in music as she was.

“I was tired of being in bands where everybody cared about everything else except the music. There were so many years of just wanting to play. My first band broke up, then other bands either broke up or started making shitty music because they were concerned with making it and not having fun,” she explained.

She went to Berklee College of Music and the competitive streak with which so many of the students performed was also demoralizing for Minus. “I was completely out of my comfort zone, and I was pushed to get better, which was actually a positive thing.”

Despite this, she went to college to learn how to play music, whereas everyone else was already a seasoned expert in her eyes. After graduating, she figured a career as a musician wasn’t in the cards.

“There were moments where I thought I would just build synths for a living and play drums. Instead, this happened. I tried a different approach and realized the problem wasn’t the music. The pressure everybody put on the music was the bigger issue,” she explains. “When I was able to pinpoint that and keep what mattered, everything started working again.”

Now, armed with a team uniquely suited to help execute her vision, Ela Minus is moving forward as one of the most exciting electronic artists currently in the game. Her blend of dancefloor-ready grooves with meditative ambient-influenced melodies creates for a spellbinding listen. But Minus is always moving, always looking to dive headfirst into the next exciting thing. Ela Minus spent her formative years hampered by the ambitions of others. Now, everyone in her team is on the same track, and Minus is the trusted conductor.

Get to know Ela Minus here.

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