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Self-made and punk in spirit, Colombian musician Ela Minus puts her own spin on traditional electronic music. As a self-imposed rule, no sound in her work is generated inside a computer. Preferring a human, analog approach, Ela—who spent years studying how to design and build synthesizers—only uses hardware to perform, write, and record.

Her debut album ‘acts of rebellion’ is a collection about the personal as political and an embracing of the beauty of tiny acts of revolution in our everyday lives. Throughout, a sense of urgency and a call to arms is mixed with this love and appreciation for reality—because even revolutionaries need to leave space for simple human interaction.

You sense the stories hidden in everyday things on this album. You feel Ela’s personality and viewpoint; you sense her presence. The cover features a photo of her, most of her face obscured, but her eyes sharply focused. She’s asking us to make contact not just with her, but also the people that inhabit our lives. She’s asking us to think, dance, and love, while she coaxes humanity from her hardware—machines that rattle and whirr alongside her and, in turn, make us feel more alive.

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Ela Minus

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